//10 Acne Tips for Every Woman

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6. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Touching an inflamed face only makes your acne worse. You can also spread the acne bacteria from one area to another by doing that.

Never pop open an acne pimple, a whitehead or a blackhead. This can cause the infection to go deeper and cause deep skin infection and permanent scars.

7. Try Tea Tree Oil Products to Treat Your Acne

The most common acne products are made of Benzoyl Peroxide. Tea tree oil of the same concentration has shown to be equally effective with no side effects (2)

Benzoyl peroxide works well but can make your skin dry when you start using it. There are reports that benzoyl peroxide will first make your pimples worse the first week then take them down with continued use 4-12 weeks later.

8. Feed Your Skin With The Right Foods

Your skin needs nutrition just like any other organ. Your skin in an absorbent organ that can absorb nutrients and any other thing you put on it.

There is mixed evidence that chocolates make acne worse. Other scientific studies have not demonstrated that fact to be true.

However, oily fried junk foods worsen acne and general health. Inflammatory foods (foods that causes your body to react) like wheat, processed sugars, and milk can make acne worse.

Eating lots of green leafy vegetables can help you reduce acne and keep your skin healthy. There has been evidence that fruits and vegetable juicing/smoothies causes the skin to heal from acne, get smooth and glow.

9. Workout Without Makeups

Proper diet and exercise are the most important aspects of overall health. Working out causes you to sweat. Makeups such as foundation and concealers clog your skin pores preventing proper sweating.

This can cause worsening of acne or even new acne flare-up.

10. Hormonal Balance is the Hallmark of Acne Care

In my previous post about acne, we found out that 82% of all acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, specifically androgen hormone.

We found out that women with estrogen dominance have little or no progesterone hormone to counter the effects of estrogen. This can cause an increase in androgen hormone leading to oily skin, hairy face and body, hair thinning, hair loss along the margins and baldness.

Some foods like soy and sunflower are known to contain plant estrogens that can disrupt hormonal balance.

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