Regardless of your education level, anyone in Kenya knows that the best source of Vitamin-C is the orange! – Right?

While raw red pepper has more vitamin-C per serving than an orange, orange could be the commonest and the best source of Vitamin-C in a diet form.

Vitamin-C concentration in different foods

It is crucial to understand different types of vitamin-C supplements and why they differ so much in cost and efficiency.

Common forms of vitamin C supplements include sodium ascorbate; calcium ascorbate; other mineral ascorbates; ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids; and combination products, such as Ester-C®, which contains calcium ascorbate, dehydroascorbate, calcium threonate, xylonate and lyxonate.

The most expensive and probably the most effective is called liposomal Vitamin-C.

Let us know which vitamin-C you need, we have all of them right here in Nairobi – Kenya.

  • Which is The Best Vitamin-C Supplement to Take for Absorption?

Research suggests that liposomal forms of vitamin C may boost your body’s absorption, so you get more out of each dose. Liposomal vitamin-C is the best because the encapsulation protects the Vitamin-C from being degraded by stomach acids.

If liposomal Vitamin-C cost is too high for your budget, the next best type would be Buffered Vitamin-C.

  • When is the best time to take Vitamin-C supplements?

All water-soluble vitamins are better taken on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

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