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Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

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  • Tones the skin
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Treats Stretch Marks
  • Hair conditioner
  • Skin conditioner
  • Softens Skin & lips
  • Treats Acne
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Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the best, most miraculous oils ever discovered. This miracle oil is so effective that every woman and every man with beard pimples should have. Every hair salon should carry  this product for premium customers.

Top 10 Used of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

  1. Potent dry skin moisturizer: Moroccan Argan Oil  absorbs fast and gives you an immediate skin nourishment, softness and glow. Apply Moroccan Argan Oil on your skin at night and let it dwell all night. You will be amazed in the morning.
  2. Argan oil is a skin toner: Skin toning is an important step in your skin care beauty routine. For an all-over glow, add 2-4 drops or argan oil to your skin or add it to your routine toner, or better yet, make your own organic chemical free, all natural toner at home!
  3. Argan oil is a skin exfoliator. Instead of buying expensive chemical commercial skin exfoliator, mix a tablespoon of organic argan oil with brown sugar and rub it on your skin. The results will blow your mind.
  4. Acne treatment: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil reduces excess sebum that can cause acne. If you are suffering from Acne, exfoliate your skin with brown sugar and argan oil and then let argan oil dwell overnight. If your acne does not disappear after 1 week of argan oil treatment, change to Tea Tree oil or neem oil mixed in Ylang Ylang oil. Do not fall or opt for chemical commercial treatments before you try these natural organic remedies
  5. Stretch Marks Prevention & Reduction: Every woman should have a bottle or Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Apply it on your belly during and after pregnancy.
  6. Treat beard rush caused by shaving: Do not just go buying expensive chemical commercial aftershave creams. Apply organic argan oil after shave. Of you already have razor bumps and pimples, treat them with Organic Moroccan Argan Oil .
  7. Full body moisturizer: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is a potent skin moisturizer.
  8. Potent hair conditioner: Why use chemical hair conditioners while you can make your own organic hair conditioner? Add about teaspoon of argan oil into another teaspoon of organic Jamaican castor oil for amazing results. Leave this in! Your will become detangled, soft, think and this recipe stimulates hair growth. Jamaican Black Castor oil alone has been called miracle hair food. Add Organic Moroccan Argan Oil  and the results will amaze you.
  9. Lip Conditioner: Dry chapped lips? Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is a potent lip conditioner and moisturizer. It is a better choice than petroleum lip balms.
  10. Nail Cuticle Remover: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is non- greasy. Apply it on your toenails or finger nails 30 minutes before manicure or pedicure.

Where to Buy Authentic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil in Kenya:

Western Cosmetics is the only premiere retailer and distributer of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil in Kenya. Be careful buying this product from unknown sources. We only carry potent name brand products.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Kenya

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