////Retinol Cream Best Day & Night Cream Moisturizer

Retinol Cream Best Day & Night Cream Moisturizer

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  • Repairs sun damaged and aging skin
  • Refines skin, dark spots and fine lines, even those around the eyes
  • Firms your skin making it look brighter, smooth and soft
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Best Retinol Moisturizer Cream in Kenya for Face and Eye Area – Made in the USA – with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E – Best Day and Night Formula for Fine Lines & Even Skin Tone.

Rejuvenate Your Skin Effortlessly!

Now there is no need to spend a small fortune on cosmetic surgery. No need to visit pricey spa and massage centers.

All you need to do is invest in a luxurious Retinol moisturizer and let it do the rest. Cherish the most astounding benefits of Retinol, (Vitamin A) in the comfort of your bedroom.

Thanks to its fortified blend of Active Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and B5, Jojoba Oils, and Green Tea extracts, this facial moisturizer will surely astonish you.

Apply on your skin on a daily basis! Watch and feel the difference in your skin. Make everyone wonder!

Minimize the appearance of skin damage. Maximize satisfaction. Enhance uneven skin tone, shrink enlarged pores, nurture and rehydrate tired looking skin and reignite a feeling of firmness all over your face. Nothing can beat that, right?

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12 reviews for Retinol Cream Best Day & Night Cream Moisturizer

  1. Jane Maina

    Thank you Bolton for being so kind explaining all the ingredients and what they do. I am amazed with the results. You guys rock and I am forever sold to RETINOL Be blessed

  2. Carol Gichuki

    This is such an awesome product! I did a little research before finally choosing this particular retinol cream and I’m so glad I did! This is just right for my skin. I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks and I have already started to see the benefits. My skin is starting to peel a little [which is a normal part of a retinol regimen] and I can feel the product working as well.
    You should try it. Skin peeling off is expected

  3. Christie Omulunga

    I’ve had amazing results so far with this product. When I was younger I had a lot of acne. As an adult, my face has cleared up but my pores remained enlarged. I used this as a last ditch attempt before trying a chemical peel and I’m glad I made this decision. It’s slow and steady progress, but I’m okay with that. I’ve seen great results within three weeks of use.

  4. Kasacha Irene

    I started using this Retinol cream this past week, and it feels really good on my skin. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful with the products I use. This cream, along with the eye gel, has been working out very well in my skin care routine.

  5. Sandra

    I just received my second jar. I really like it. The unique dispenser gives me just the right amount to apply to each part of my face.. It is not greasy and absorbs well into the skin

  6. Maureen Apiyo

    Wah Wah… I wish I had discovered this cream 10 years ago. I started noticing radiant skin results in a week. My skin looks so much younger now. One this to add on, use it at night (not during the day) and use sunscreen during the daytime. Good stuff.

  7. Jane Karanja

    Am very pleased with this product. Would order again. Only concern may be if able to get all of the Retinol products with the pump system.

  8. Wanjugu Matara

    Very nice product. Used for a couple weeks and I think it has improved my skin.

  9. Aisha Abdalla

    Do you guys allow customers to buy more, just incase? I would love to have like 6 months supply every time. This is a miracle cream. I had lots of dark spots but they are all gone and my skin looks better than it did 15 years ago

  10. Mama Jared

    This moisturizer cream is amazing. I had been using the eye cream on my entire face but now I have both products and they work together so well. I had crepey skin on the cheek that I sleep on and I am starting to see a difference. I use at night and in the morning before my makeup.

  11. Grace Chege

    What a miracle in a bottle. OMG this is a God-send cream. Three weeks into it and I am not going to go a day without it. that’s a fact

  12. Fadumo Abdirahman

    Is it suitable all types of skin ?
    I have Allergic Reaction on my face in sometimes

    • Greg

      Retinol is good for all skin types but you must use it at night and a sunscreen during the day

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