Safe Choice Organics Collagen Peptides

KSh 4,800

  • Contains all types of collagen, types 1-5
  • Contains biotin for robust hair growth & healthy nails
  • Perfect for glowing skin with all collagen types included
  • Longer & stronger hair with collagen & biotin power
  • Type 2 collagen for healthy joints is an added plus
  • Loaded with Hyaluronic acid, another healthy joint complex
  • Superior absorption than any other collagen in the market. It contains black pepper extract that increases availability to the body.
  • Full month supply on one scoop a day.

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Safe Choice Organics Collagen Peptides


There is no doubt collagen peptides are game-changers in beauty & joint health. The demand for collagen peptides keeps on growing but all collagen peptides are not made equal.

Most collagen peptides in Kenya are sourced in the USA and price point is the biggest determinant of which collagen you will find in the market.

Safe-Choice Organics Collagen Peptides
Safe-Choice Organics Collagen Peptides

Why Safe Choice Organics Collagen Peptides is the best of all Collagen supplements on the market?

  1. Contains all types of Collagen.

    Most collagen peptides in the market do not have collagen types 2 & 5. You’d have to buy those separately and it is an added expense especially if you wanted to gain joint health & support.

    Safe Choice Organics collagen has all collagen types (type 1-5) sourced from not just beef but also organic chicken. You’ll notice chicken sourced collagen is 2-3 times more expensive than beef sourced collagen peptides.

  2. Superior Joint Health Support:

    Most collagen can help with joint support but it is until you add collagen type 2 to realize the most important benefits.

    Type 2 collagen helps rebuild joints that have worn out over time due to old age or overuse due to heavy work or exercises.

    Safe Choice organics comes with added MSM supplement, another superior joint health supplement shown to help rebuild worn-out joints & joint cartilages.

    Save money with Safe Choice Organics Collagen. You do not need to spend more money buying MSM supplements – and they are not cheap at all.

    You get all in one can for better & superior joint health.

  3. Long, Strong & Robust Hair & Nails

    Safe Choice Organics collagen peptides come loaded with Biotin supplement, popularly known for hair growth.

    We all know that without enough Biotin in the body, hair growth becomes a problem. But you do not have to incur an extra expense to buy another Biotin supplement.

    Safe Choice Organics collagen is all you need and save you money buying extra Biotin supplements for your hair.

  4. Hydrated, Younger Looking Skin. Comes loaded with Vitamin-C

    With all types of collagen loaded in Safe Choice Organics collagen peptides, add all the known benefits of Vitamin C. Now, this is huge in beauty, immunity & antioxidant effects.

    It is the reason why Safe Choice Organics Collagen Peptides is a clear winner among all collagen peptides in the market.

    Save money & skip buying Vitamin C supplements. Just get yourself Safe Choice Organics collagen peptides & get all the benefits in a single affordable purchase.

  5. Superior Absorption Than Any Other Collagen.

    Buying just any type of collagen isn’t enough. It matters if your body will absorb it all & utilize it for utmost health & beauty benefits.

    Safe Choice Organics Collagen has added Black Pepper Extract shown to increase supplement absorption in the body.



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