Safe Choice Organics Vitamin-C Advanced Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin-E

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  • 👉Clears Dark Spots caused by sun damage
  • 👉Repairs Scars caused by acne
  • 👉Great for eye bags and eye wrinkles (Crow feet)
  • 👉Great for skin hydration (for all skin types)
  • 👉Proudly MADE IN USA.

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Safe Choice Organics Vitamin-C Advanced Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin-E

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Safe Choice Organics Advanced Vitamin-C Serum Main Ingredients

👍 Vitamin-C

👍 Hyaluronic Acid

👍 Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

👍 Olive Leaf Extract

👍 Green Tea Leaf Extract

👍 Jojoba seed oil

👍 Pure Vitamin-E Oil


Vitamin-C Benefits to the skin

👍 Vitamin C limits the damage induced by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure

👍 Vitamin-C serum repairs & reverses sun damage (photo-damage) and sun aging (photo-aging)

👍 Vitamin-C Serum is a powerful skin antioxidant by removing free radicals

👍 Vitamin C serum regulates the synthesis of the structural protein collagen (skin is made of collagen fibers)

👍 Vitamin C stimulates DNA repair due to environmental and internal toxins.

👍 Vitamin C also increases the proliferation rate of new skin cells, something that decreases as we age, making it a perfect choice for damaged and aging skin repair.

👍 Vitamin-C decreases wrinkling of the skin and skin roughness (1)

👍 Vitamin-C promotes rapid skin damage repair, the same thing it does on wound healing & prevention of diseases like flu.

👍 Vitamin-C hydrates the skin without causing oiliness, thus reducing roughness and wrinkles

Conclusion: Vitamin-C Serum is one of the most important beautiful skin ingredient for all skin types

Vitamin-E oil Benefits to the Skin

Vitamin-E is a fat-soluble (absorbs quickly without leaving your skin oily) nutrient with potent antioxidant and skin repair properties.

It takes 14-21 days for dietary vitamin-e to get to the skin 😱 and only small amounts get there. (2) This explains why it is only better to use Vitamin-E oil topically (on the skin) as it absorbs super fast (less than 30 minutes) and has excellent results.

Products containing both vitamin C and vitamin E have shown greater efficacy in photoprotection than either antioxidant alone. (3)


👍 Vitamin E oil contributes to antioxidant defenses, works together with Vitamin-C above (apply at night for better results).

👍 The primary role of vitamin E in the skin is to prevent damage induced by free radicals

👍 Vitamin-E acts as a natural sunscreen although direct sunlight may reduce Vitamin-E availability after application of the serum (Use it at night)

👍 Vitamin E has been considered an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin

👍 Vitamin-E promotes scar and rapid skin lesion healing.

Conclusion: Oral supplementation with only vitamin E may not provide adequate protection for the skin. Skin(topical) application of vitamin E and vitamin C may be warranted to effectively increase the photoprotection of skin. Topical vitamin E seems to be an effective mechanism for both delivery to the skin and providing a photoprotective effect.



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  1. Jane Kyalo

    Seeing results in only four short days. My skin looks so awesome. This is a must have ladies

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