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 Health & Beauty Inside Out?

 A True Story...

At 85, my Mom mornings were miserable. She couldn't get our of bed without a limp.

Walking upstairs was a thing of the past and we had all agreed the fate.

Literally weeks on collagen peptides, that story changed and has remained as so the last 4 years.

At 45, I always get compliments how beautiful my skin looks. 

Whether it is genetics or collagen has anything to do with it, I am yet to experience gray hair.

I am into healthy eating and natural hair and I must admit, I use a few home-made hair remedies.

Whether the home-made hair products have anything to do with it, all I know is that my hair, skin and nails have been amazing since I added collagen powder into my morning tea routine.

You too can try and see for yourself...

After age 25, science has demonstrated that our bodies production of collagen start declining and by 35, visible effects are noticeable on the skin.

Collagen is "the cement" that holds connective cells together - just like when building a bricks/blocks building.

If the motor is weak, the whole structure also weakens.

Joints, Skin, Nails and Hair to name a few, are the first ones to get affected. 


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