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Neocell Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex

Neocell Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex

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A complex protein called collagen keeps the body's strength and flexibility in tact. Sadly, as we age, our natural capacity to produce collagen slows down, which can contribute to the appearance of typical aging indications.

Although we are most conscious of these symptoms in our skin, they also appear in other collagen-rich body regions, such as our joints.

There's a catch, though. Our joints have a unique type of collagen that is not present in our skin. The main structural protein in cartilage, the rigid yet malleable connective tissue that supports our joints and permits them to move freely, is type 2 collagen. (In contrast, the main components of skin are collagen types 1 & 3).

You can get hydrolyzed type 2 collagen, also known as collagen that has been broken down into smaller molecules called peptides, from NeoCell® Joint Complex.

Additionally, the formula contains three additional nutrients—glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid—that are guaranteed to be favorites of yours.


Joint Mobility

  • Provides the most abundant and essential building blocks for maintaining healthy articular cartilage.
  • Increased range of motion.

  • Naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin.

Comforting Hydration

  • Supports fluid joint movement.
  • Assists in joint lubrication.
  • Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid.

Cushioning Relief

  • May help with joint swelling.
  •  Helps replenish lost collagen supply

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