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Lipstick Types, Colours & Their Meaning

Types of Lipsticks Every Girl Should Have & Know About

Different types of lipsticks have a different meaning, different effects on the lips and even what other people think about you.
Lipstick colors have meaning. 
Have you ever seen someone wearing certain lipstick and thought they were – HOT and the next time you see them without one you were like… Uh… Umm.. what happened?

Yup! Using the right kind of lipstick and the right color can make all the difference.
It is not unusual to get confused with all different types of lipsticks in the market. Let's dive in and demystify lipstick types.

Lipstick Types and Color meaning

  1. Moisturizing Lipsticks

As the name suggests, this type of lipsticks moisturizes, nourishes and prevent cracking. If you have dry lips, you might want to make moisturizing lipsticks a priority.
But how can you tell which ones a moisturizing effect have since most of them don’t say they are moisturizing?
Moisturizing lipsticks have ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin-E and or Glycerin. More advanced types may even contain healing essential oils, known to heal cracked skin.
Such essential oils in lipsticks may include jojoba oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, bee’s wax, Apricot and Babassu Oil, Shea Butter.
Moisturizing lipsticks don’t have to compromise beautiful colors. In fact, you will realize that the other types of lipsticks discussed below may still have a moisturizing effect
Our top pick and the world leader in moisturizing and healing lipsticks is Burt’s Bee products.
These are medically formulated using natural and organic ingredients, and they are perfectly affordable to most people.

  1. Matte Lipsticks

Matte pronounced as (Mate)
This type of lipsticks commands bold, beautiful yet natural feel. It is what women who command authority prefer. They have a flat non-shinny look, the reason why authority & business women prefer them.
People who normally choose matte lipsticks are either looking for a more natural feel or a bold, brash statement of vibrant colour.
Matte lipsticks tend not to stain. You can perfectly have a kiss without staining your partner’s lips or enjoy a good cup of coffee without leaving lipstick color on the cup.
This property is the reason why they have become so popular that almost every girl is talking about matte lipsticks.

  1. Satin & Sheer Lipsticks

Satin lipstick

Satins & Sheer lipsticks are probably what everyone knows. It could be what everyone buying lipsticks end up buying because they are very common.
They may appear darker in the package than they really are, once you wear them because they contain a lot of oils.
Since they are oily, they get you juicy looking lips. They are oily and so, and they stain and wears off. Be prepared to keep reapplying them throughout the day. Satin lipsticks can be shiny and glossy looking.

  1. Cream Lipsticks

These are a close cousin to the above, The satin & sheer lipsticks. The main difference between them is that cream lipsticks contains more wax, while satin and sheer contain more oil.
The fact that cream lipsticks have more wax than oil, they tend to stay longer. They are also another great choice for influential & business women and also good for weekend outings.

  1. Gloss Lipsticks

[caption id="attachment_17150" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Nude Glossy lipstick[/caption]
This is the kind of lipstick that everyone gets to notice. It is, well, glossy. While this style is often associated with throwback trends, high-shine glosses are always in season during warm months where classic lipstick finishes may be too heavily pigmented.
Glossy lipsticks are perfect for parties, after-hours and those events you don’t mind attracting a well-worth-it attention. They’re true head turners!
In the western world, where most women have small/thin lips, gloss lipsticks are popular, as they augment the beauty of your lips

  1. Pearl & Frosted lipsticks

Rihana Frosted Pearl Lipstick

These again are head turners. Pearl and frosted lipstick reflects light and makes a very shiny effect on your lips. They may contain glittering effects
Frosted lipsticks used to be trendy in the 70’s in the western world. It is common in the fashion world that history tends to repeat itself. The old becomes new. The outdated becomes the new hot fashion. Frosted lipsticks have made a huge comeback

  1. Stain Lipsticks

Not to be confused with satin lipsticks, stain lipsticks are all about the color and have little or no added benefits, besides the color.
It is advised to use a moisturizer like vitamin-E oil underneath them to prevent your lips from cracking.

  1. Cryon Lipsticks

Don’t they just sound like crayons kids use for coloring?
These are the commonest lipsticks in third world countries, tend to be very cheap and may be riddled with dangerous levels of lead, a heavy metal that can cause organ toxicity.
Some people make them at home out of crayons, oblivious of the types of chemicals found in these products.
Hint: They will cost you very little to buy, as you would imagine.

  1. Nude Lipsticks

These are commonly worn by conservative women, who are looking for a more natural look and feel about their skin colour.
Nude lipsticks resemble your own skin color and tone. They may have one or two color hue difference but they stay really close to your natural skin color and tone.

  1. Lip liners

These are not necessarily lipstick type, but they are used to decorate the outer lining of the lips. You will also hear words like, lip pencil, the same way you hear about eye pencil.

  1. Lip Balms

These tend to have a healing component in them, especially Vitamin-E oil and healing essential oils. They are used to treat lips cracking and prevent dryness.
Lip balms come in different fruity scents and taste. It is never a good idea to let them get into your mouth as some may contain chemicals that are meant for the skin and not to be ingested.

Bonus: Liquid lipsticks

These are new in the market and they have really made a statement. Instead of the traditional soft solid lipsticks, these are liquid in consistency.
Liquid lipstick is not a specific type of lipstick but the consistency. You can have:
  • Liquid Satin Lipstick
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Sheer liquid lipstick
  • Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Liquid Gloss lipsticks
Liquid lipsticks tend to hold better, easier to apply and are of high quality. They tend to be the most expensive lipstick types in the market

Lipstick Color Meanings

They say that the color of your lipstick speaks volumes about you. At this point, it is clear that the lipstick look has a lot of meaning.
Example, the Matte and Satins in women of power and authority. The glossy and shimmer type for more luscious and party mode.
With that in mind, lipstick colors have deep meaning. Kindly note that before you decide the color of your lipstick, it is important to think about the occasion and the color of the clothes you wear.
Will leave that part for your fashion designer to decide that

1 Red Lipstick


Matte red lipsticks command power. They are worn by women of power, bold, commanding respect.
Think of most powerful women you know around the world and the lipstick color of their choice. The few I can think of are leaders like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Do I sound like a democrat?
The same red color in Glossy type has a luscious and a sexy appealing gesture. Perfect for evening dates and the after-hours party.
Red lipsticks have several subcategories that intensify their meaning
  • Bright red – Power and Authority women
  • Subtle Red – These works best for modest women, the quiet type who prefers not to be the center of attraction. Subtle red is all about modesty. A person wearing this shade probably prefers being a wallflower rather than the center of attention.

2. Pink Lipsticks

These come as nudes, especially in Caucasian women. There are two types of pinks in this category.
  • Hot Pink: If you put on this color, it indicates that you aren’t afraid to show the world your wild side. You are open to anything good that might come your way. They are preferred for new dates or in situations where you might just say, YES.
  • Baby pink: Aren’t babies adorable and cute? Wearing baby pink lipstick just shows how adorable you are. The innocent one – with a hint of your wild side.

3. Mauve Color Lipsticks

These types of lipsticks are muted, without compromising your beauty. They contain a shade of violet and gray. They show control, caring and an organized person.

4. Plum or Wine

These colors are associated with seduction. You are all about the chase, not a quick conquest. Your color reflects your strong, decisive character, but you may find yourself holding back on the date, unwilling to give away too much too soon
They may also show you are an independent and autonomous woman. The type above makes the difference about the meaning.

5. Nudes

These colors, as discussed above resembles your natural skin color. You are a serious person and you want to be taken seriously.

6. Black Lipsticks

Black lipstick doesn’t necessarily mean you are evil or negative. They may show your darker humor that could be appealing. Wear this color sparingly.
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