10 Best Ingredients for Anti-Aging Beauty Products. What to Look for in Cosmetics

Best Anti-Aging Cosmetic Ingredients You Must Know About Before Purchasing Age-Defying Beauty Products in Kenya.

Are there Anti-Aging cosmetics with ingredients you can trust?

Of course, we all appreciate aging but looking younger with wisdom is a plus.

With so many anti-aging and skin lightening products out there, it is not unusual to get confused which ones are better than others.

With most anti-aging products costing an arm and a leg, knowing what matters can help you select cheap and effective skin age defying creams.

The most important ingredients in anti-aging skin products on this list are proven to be effective. Some are very expensive and even rare to find.

DNA Repair Factors

DNA skin repair factors are extracted from rare sea living creatures called planktons.

They can also be found in Rose Myrtle plant native in South East Asia but so exploited, protected and overpriced that this is not a reliable source of anti-aging serums and lotion ingredients.

They also have growth factors that stimulate collagen, a skin-firming protein that depletes with age and makes skin look loose. “

And these effects are permanent”.

Before you pay a lot of money for cosmetics containing DNA factors, make sure you read the label correctly.

The best DNA factors are the ones from sea planktons and you can expect to pay not less than $100 (KES 10,000) or more. Example $99 at Neova.com)

Be careful, very careful with such products being sold in Nairobi – Kenya streets.

More than likely, they are fake skin tarnishing products.

You do not expect a product containing such a rare ingredient to be available in river road Nairobi and be authentic – do you?


In simplest terms, retinol and retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A.

Now that sounds so simple, cheap and available huh? Retinoid containing anti-aging creams are not cheap, however.

Coming up with a stable therapeutic dose of retinol is where the magic is.

Retinol, when absorbed in the body, is converted to retinoic acid a form that repairs skin cells, stimulate the production of Hyaluronic acid by the body another effective anti-aging skin ingredient coming up below.

Retinol containing anti-aging serums and creams also tend to make the skin right and brighter, an effect achieved by boosting levels of Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

The word acid tends to scare off a lot of uneducated people. It does not necessarily mean – bad.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, produced by our skin and commonly used as a skin filler during plastic surgeries.

This ingredient is one of the most effective components in some of the most successful anti-aging products.

Some of the best age-defying products contain more than one of these ingredients.

This makes them fight aging skin on more than one front.
See examples and prices at Dermatologica.com and compare with our prices. Our price is a little higher because of importation costs.


Peptides are simply amino acids, the building blocks of a protein molecule held together by a peptide bond.

Who needs to know all that chemistry? The coolest thing about applying peptide containing anti-aging products is that the effects are long-term.

Peptides trick the skin cells that you have depleted collagen, the component that your skin is made up of.

The skin starts producing collagen at a faster rate and your skin starts rebuilding and looking younger and younger.

Since the skin continues producing collagen even after you stop applying peptide containing creams, it is recommended you start your anti-aging regimen with a peptide containing creams, then build on to others.

Taking oral Hydrolyzed collagen is not only good for your skin but also good for your joints, hair, teeth, nails and your heart.

Athletes take hydrolyzed collagen to protect joint damage from extreme exercises.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is one of the most potent anti-oxidant known to man, after Glutathione.

Vitamin C serum (most anti-aging products use vitamin C as a MUST HAVE) helps in removing free radicals that damage skin and speeds up signs of aging.

Be careful buying cheap vitamin C serum products that contain either over-diluted Vitamin C serum or totally fake product.

Potent vitamin C serum is not that cheap
Vitamin-C Advanced Serum Safe Choice Organics

Sun protection SPF

Sunscreen is great, especially when used in a well taken care of skin.

Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and may cause overproduction of melamine (the substance that gives your skin colour), leading to darkening of skin, wrinkles and uneven skin.

Sunscreen shields the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays. Do not go for any sunscreen above 45 SPF.

Higher SPF content is useless and only used for marketing but can also be harmful.

B vitamins.

Vitamins like B12 and Niacin are so important anti-aging vitamins that unfaithful manufacturers tend to put them in cosmetics.

This is a pure fad. B12 and Niacin can only be absorbed in small intestines and no matter how much you apply on the skin, it cannot be absorbed.

Eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetable, preferably raw blended smoothies.

If you find an anti-aging product that claims that it has Vitamin B, you should regard everything they say as LIES!

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is another naturally occurring body acid that stimulates the production of collagen.

It is a natural exfoliator, producing shiny, tight looking skin but does not reverse the effects of aging skin.

Example, Avon has a Glycolic acid containing product that is so popular and effective.

The only downside is that once you stop using glycolic acid containing anti-aging products, you also lose their effect.


Coffee – YUP! Has an anti-aging effect on the skin.

Before you run into the next Java coffee house and start bathing your face with coffee, the effects of caffeine on the skin are temporary and only last a few hours.

Coffee is better used in a coffee skin brightening mask for a date night but do not expect long-lasting results.

For the time that it works, it really works great!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oils are used especially for treating cars and stretchmarks and have been scientifically proven.

There is still a lot of controversies if Vitamin E applied to the skin actually defies signs of aging.

It is proven to heal and reduce scars. In fact, it is widely used in hospitals to reduce wound scar size and in some cases, heal them.

I would rather you use the first 5 ingredients.


    I am sure you now feel a little knowledgeable and a little confused about anti-aging cosmetics.

    We have an article about how anti-aging ingredients work and you might want to read this great article.

    We need to hear from you by leaving your comments below. Which of these anti-aging cosmetics are you willing to try and which ones have you already tried?
    You could be selected to get a free anti-aging product from us :-)

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